Turkey Instructions

Turkey Information

Don't worry, cooking a turkey or large chicken is easy in the Römertopf. We are going to list some of the common questions when cooking these items.

How Long To Cook The Turkey

Answer: This question has a few variables to consider. Stuffed vs. Unstuffed and the weight of your turkey/chicken. The guide below will help you determine a time that works for what you are serving.

8-12LBS 2¼-3½ HOURS 2¾-3½ HOURS
12-14LBS 3-3½ HOURS 3½-4½ HOURS
14-18LBS 3-3½ HOURS 4½ HOURS
18-20LBS 3½-4 HOURS 4½ HOURS
20-24LBS 4-4½ HOURS 4½-5½ HOURS










What Temperature Do I Need to Use?

Answer: 350°F

How many pounds can I cook in my Romertopf?

Answer: Each of the Römertopf models hold different capacities. Our largest model #99117 will hold up to 18 lbs of meat. Here is a chart of the different models and their capacities.

99109-SM CLASSIC 3.3 LBS
99140-MED ANNIV 3.5 LBS
99145- LG ANNIV 13.25 LBS
99115- MED MODERN 5.5 LBS
99170- LG FAMILY 9.5 LBS
99150- SM ROUND 4.5 LBS
99155- SM SQUARE 4.5 LBS














How do I get a the skin crispy?

Answer: Your turkey or chicken will get a nice crisp crust all on its own. If you like a really crispy skin, just remove the lid from your Römertopf during the last 5-10 minutes of the cook time.

How many pounds of turkey will I need for my group?

Answer: That's a hard one to answer but don't worry we have the perfect site to help you with this. We highly recommend the Butterball site because they have a wonderful tool on their page which will help you determine how much turkey to buy for your guests/family.

Click Here for Butterball Cooking Calculator

Can I take the Lid off while it's cooking?

Answer: The Römertopf's key function is to allow a blanket of steam to slowly cook your item. By removing the lid you take that feature away. The only time you should remove the lid is during the last minutes of the cooking. This is usually done if you need to achieve a browner result.

Can I make gravy from the drippings?

Answer: Oh my goodness, yes. The juices you get from your turkey/chicken will make the best gravy and it will be full of flavor.

Can I cook a frozen turkey in the Römertopf?

Answer: You can cook any type of turkey/chicken from frozen to fresh. However, when using a frozen turkey/chicken you need to make sure it is un-thawed before putting it in the oven to cook. Never put a frozen turkey in your Römertopf and try to begin the cooking process.

What do you suggest to put in the turkey or on top for additional flavor?

Answer: There are so many recipes out there for you to try. We suggest going with the basics for beginners. You can never go wrong with using an apple, onion or some garlic inside the turkey cavity. Brush lightly with butter, margarine or oil and season with salt and pepper.

How do you carve a turkey?

Answer: There are a few techniques that you can use. We are going to refer you to the Butterball® website to see their tutorial.

Click Here To Butterball Website

Should I brine my turkey first?

Answer: We don't recommend this. Brining is a great method to get a tender meat result, however the Römertopf's slow and gentle cooking process will give you these results without going to that work.