What makes a sustainable coat hanger?

We are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and society at every single production step and are fully committed to sustainable production. But what exactly does that mean? At MAWA, we see sustainability as a holistic topic, This means that we already think about their recyclability when purchasing our raw materials. The production of our clothes hangers is also constantly being optimized in order to produce more and more resources. Our goal: CO 2- neutral by 2030! This includes the fact that we do not use heavy metals or plasticizers containing phthalates in our special anti-slip coating. After all, these come into contact with both your clothing and your skin, which is why we are absolutely taboo with substances that are hazardous to health.


We are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and society at every single production step and are fully committed to sustainable production.


Substances that are hazardous to health must not come into contact with clothing or skin. That is why MAWA clothes hangers do not contain any heavy metals or plasticizers containing phthalates.


MAWA wooden hangers consist exclusively of sustainable, controlled forestry cultivation and are FSC certified. This management of the forests will also give future generations a livelihood.


MAWA - Made in Germany stands for an original that can look back on a long tradition since 1948. The brand is characterized by a pioneering and inventive spirit that has continuously developed over the years, and yet has always remained conscious of tradition. We manufacture with passion in the Bavarian town of Pfaffenhofen, which can look back on a down-to-earth history. Made in Germany stands no only for tradition but also for our outstanding quality. MAWA clothes hangers have proven themselves over the decades and we have always developed pioneering and innovative concepts with our customers. All over the world, MAWA is changing the meaning of hanging clothes - and soon also in your wardrobe!

As early as 1948, Martin Wagner was thinking about how to optimize the hanging and storage of clothes. Starting with the trouser stretcher, MAWA has since brought countless innovations onto the market that both perfect the hanging of clothes and take into account the different fashion trends of the past decades. Numerous patents such as rotating hooks, the anti-slip coating and MAWA clips underline MAWA's innovation leadership - often copied, but never equaled.

Not all clothes hanger are the same ...

When it comes to clothes hangers, it's all about perfect order in the wardrobe. MAWA 'das Original' is a brand manufacturer of coat hangers that offers the end user maximum functionality and enables an individual lifestyle.

Hanging items of clothing is particularly enjoyable when hangers with different functions also have the same hanging height. If the clothes hangers also match your individual preferences in terms of shape and color and are available in different sizes for women and men, then a wardrobe is perfectly equipped - with MAWA Original. Make your wardrobe a feel-good wardrobe with our MAWA clothes hangers - Made in Germany, of course with a skin-friendly anti-slip effect (SKIN friendly) and from sustainable production (ECO friendly). Rotatable hook and space-saving effect guaranteed!