Cooking Tips



  • The key is to plan ahead. It takes approximately 3 days for a 20 pound turkey to fully defrost. It's recommended to allow your turkey to defrost while in your refrigerator.


  • A turkey will cook more evenly if it is not densely stuffed. Add flavor by loosely filling the cavity with aromatic vegetables such as carrots, celery, onion or garlic - or by carefully tucking fresh herbs underneath the breast skin. (Advice by New Frontier's Turkey Tips)


Too Thick?

  • Try using a whisk to blend in chicken broth until you've reached the right consistency. Then give it a taste to see if it needs more seasoning.

Too Thin?

  •  Try combining equal parts of cornstarch and stock to make a thick slurry mixture. Then mix that into your gravy until you reach a better consistency. Also make sure to check on the seasoning.


Bacon-Cranberry Chutney


    Traditional Herb & Garlic


    Yep, your EURITA is Microwave Safe. So if you have large enough microwave or if you have one of the 2 qt Dutch Oven EURITA here is what you need to know.

    1. Soak the lid to your Eurita

    2. Center clay pot in the middle of your microwave

    3. Do not slide it across the surface - the bottom is rough and could scratch the glass shelf.

    4. Always place the largest and thickest parts of food toward the outside of the dish.

    5. Foods can be stacked or arranged on top of each other if necessary.

    6. During cooking, stir or rearrange foods to expose all parts equally to heat.

    7. Select 8 minutes for 700 watt oven and 10 minutes for 600 watt oven. More time can always be added but overcooking in the microwave causes dehydration and makes the food dry and tough.


    • Our friends at Whole Foods have a great chart to help. Check it out!

     Reasons To Try Cooking in Clay

    1. Easy To Use

    Using the Eurita is easy so don't be intimidated. Soak the lid (base doesn't need soaking but you can if you want extra steam in the oven). Add your ingredients and place in a cold (not pre-heated oven). Then just set the temperature and have a glass of wine. You can use our Eurita cookbooks if that helps you but any family recipe will work just fine. The only alteration is the time to cook, since your not using a pre-heated oven. The average temperature is about 400°F for most dishes. 

    2. Healthy Style of Cooking

    This is a healthy style of cooking because you don't have to add extra oils and fats to get great flavors. During the cooking process the clay roaster is always circulating the natural flavors of the items you are cooking because of the porous clay. So rather then adding so much fat to get a good flavor, let the Eurita show you how wonderful your ingredients can actually taste with no additives.

    3. Cook Anything

    When people see images of the Eurita they think about cooking roasts, turkey, chicken, or pork. The results of those will blow your mind. However the Eurita is unlike any other roaster on the market. The steaming action from the Eurita applies to so many other kinds of foods. So say hello to cooking fish, desserts, soups, appetizers, and yes bread!

    4. Easy to Clean

    Let's be honest, cleaning is an important factor when buying any cooking dish. The Eurita was created with a glass frit lining in the bottom. What it does is make it so much easier to clean. If that was not enough, the Römertopf is dishwasher safe as well.

    5. Microwave Safe

    Cooking in the winter/fall is not a problem. However summer heat can deter our desire to turn on the oven. So just know that Eurita is microwave safe. So there are several models that work great in the microwave. So don't let summer heat stop you from using the Eurita.

    6. Chemical Free

    This is a huge question that is always asked. There are so many opinions on the  internet that it can be confusing. We are going to make this easy for you. There is no chemicals added, or fillers. The entire Eurita line was been European tested at the highest levels in the world. In case you didn't know, the standards in Europe are much higher than in the US so we use the highest level of testing to prove to you how safe these roasters are. 

    7. Never Baste Again

    Basting is a technique used to take juices that collect at the bottom of the roaster and drizzle the juice back over the dish to keep it moist and full of flavor. Personally I never remember to do it. The Eurita does this for you. The clay roaster works off steam (the evaporated juices/water) in the dish. It's always circulating to give you the most tender results. Most roasters just get condensation that will collect on the lid and drop down on your food. That means the dish could be soggy. Steam however give you the juice circulation that you need but the crispy chicken crust that everyone will fit over.

    8. One Pot Option Cooking

    The Eurita is most notably known for being a one pot cooking vessel. You can add your veggies & meats together for the most delightful meal. It's up to you if you want to cook everything at once or just focus on one item. The results for both are great. Don't be afraid to try cooking pasta, rice and other items in your Eurita. 

    9. Never Burn a Meal Again

    There may not be anything worse then burning your dinner. The reasons vary but it usually stems from too much heat and not enough liquid. In the Eurita the pot is using the lid that was stored in the lid during the soaking process as well as the juices from your food. You could over cook your food for a few hours and never burn your meal.

    10. Serve at Your Table

    Each Eurita works the same way. The difference in the models is just the pattern on the outside and the capacities. Each Römertopf are hand sanded at the factory and have a smooth finish. So why get more dishes dirty, just take your dish to the table to serve from. Not only do you save on dishes, but it looks beautiful on the table and will keep the food warm for the entire meal.





    Cooking is clay is the most rewarding way of cooking you will ever experience. The reason for the continued success you will get from using a Eurita is because of steam. The reason this is so important is because steam does so many things at one time. It will tenderize your food that basting can't. It will give you fall off the bone results while still providing a crispy crust on your turkey and chicken. The circulation of steam will use the juices of your food to flavor your dish naturally, without the need of extra fats and oils. And finally, if that was not enough, steam works for meats, fish, desserts and even bread. So your one dish will cook anything you ever wanted. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed.