Need a cute gift idea? Try using Reston Lloyd's bright and cheery colanders as a planter for that special person in your life. By using pre-grown herbs the project only takes a few minutes!


  • Reston Lloyd colander; suggested sizes 1, 1.5 or 3 qt size

  • Plastic grocery bag or one of Reston Lloyd's colander liners

  • Planting dirt

  • Colorful ribbon

  • Decorative dried moss (optional)



  1. Wash and remove tags from your colander

  2. Add the colander liner to the colander, or place your grocery bag inside to cover the colander holes (trim excess plastic off)

  3. Fill the liner with planters dirt

  4. Remove pre-grown plants from their containers. Use your fingers to break up the dirt bases

  5. Bury your prepared herbs into the dirt and cover all the roots with your potters dirt. Continue this process until you have filled your colander with all your herbs.

  6. Add a little water to get the herbs settled into the new planter

  7. Add a cute matching ribbon to give your gift a final touch

  8. If you have dried moss you can use that to cover the dirt

  • Reston Lloyd