BBQ Grilling Pizza Pan

Product Description

This natural clay pizza pan is great for everyday use. Make a wide variety of delicious pizzas or appetizers on this grilling stone. Made in Germany with the very best materials, this pan can be used on your bbq grill, oven, or microwave!

  • Provides even heat- flames from the grill can't flare and burn one side of food suddenly
  • Cook anything outside- meats, fish vegetables, chili, pizza, appetizers & desserts
  • All-year use- when the summer season is over, take your dish inside and use in your microwave and stovetop
  • All natural & German quality - made of all-natural clay and glass frit finish is PTFE/PFOA free and easy to clean
  • Retains heat - keep your food warm while it is on your table
  • Hand Made: Finishes in color and speckles varies piece by piece
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